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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Hey squaddies! 

Tina here, so as you all know I'm currently living in Istanbul. It's temporary (boo!) but I've been loving it! It's been over a week now and after finally settling in (there were LOTS of hiccups) I wanted to share with you guys some pictures and my travel essentials. But before I do that can I just share how hard it was for me to pack for this trip! Moving from New York I found Kuwait to be extremely hot but after living and becoming accustomed to such hot climate everywhere else I went just felt cold! I had no idea what to pack because I didn't remember what cold felt like but instead of packing every single winter item I own I opted for a winter capsule wardrobe. 

My Istanbul capsule wardrobe had to be small enough for a few months, with versatile pieces which could essentially be paired together. So how did I take up the challenge of minimizing my wardrobe so that I wouldn't over-pack? Well, in my case it was 35 pieces (10 shirts, 3 blouses, 5 sweaters, 6 pants, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 2 jackets and 5 pairs of shoes) which easily fit into my suitcase with lots of room left for shopping. So if you see me wearing the same items over and over again now you know why! It gives me a chance to be creative by mixing it up every time. You'll also notice that I wear mostly black or white and I tend to stick to basics and oh yeah sneakers are always a good idea :)

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