The Art of Giving

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hey squaddies!
So it is that time of the year when the holidays are approaching (Christmas is five days away!) and you are thinking of giving a gift to that special someone! What should I get them?!

If you already know them well you might find it easy to think of something they will love. On the other hand, there are times where you feel like 'what can I get for somebody who already has everything?!' My best advise is to pay close attention to what they are wearing. Is there a certain colour they prefer? Do they like a certain celebrity and do they sometimes dress like them? Do they like hearts and rainbows or are they more of a minimalist? These are a few questions you can ask yourself if you want to make your besties gift extra special!

Tina and I are both October babies and for my birthday this year she bought me a few items from Anarchy Street, an online jewelry and accessories store with awesome goodies. (By the way for being one of our squaddies use the code: LESREBELLES10 for 10% off your purchases @ anarchystreet.) She knew I loved jewelry and that I wasn't afraid to wear big bold bright colours as I love the idea of art-pop! She got me a ring, a cuff and a fun lipstick clutch bag! When I opened my present I was so happy that she had found me something cute and quirky (just like the things I always tend to wear!)

I always wear my cuff and ring wherever I go and I always get compliments on them! I know Tina and I will be getting each other our Christmas gifts from there this year as we have already picked out things we love and added them on our wishlist!

So my advice to anyone buying gifts in this holiday period is to make it special and unique, you might surprise them and as a bonus you might find a new fave online shop for goodies in the process! Check out how I style my cool pieces below.... happy gift giving xxx.

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