Afternoon Tea, Darling!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hey squaddies!
Enjoying a lovely cup of tea in a cute vintage china tea set

Afternoon Tea in London Soho
When I was in my teens one of my first experiences of having Afternoon Tea was at the Ritz. We had a lovely spread of teas, sandwiches: typically salmon and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, and British ploughman’s; followed by pastries and scones which you should always eat with lots of clotted cream and jam and of course champagne! The point of difference at the Ritz was that they had a wonderful pianist playing throughout our time there and it was my aunt’s 40th birthday so we kept requesting songs and he kept playing more, we were very impressed he knew some Bollywood songs too!

At Egerton House Hotel
A few years on, and another trip to visit my home country reminded me of how much I enjoy my experiences when going for Afternoon Tea and I always try to go whenever I am in London or Edinburgh.

Afternoon Tea in London Soho
The rules are simple and there is only one: you must book in advance! This is no joke squaddies, my family once came to see me and I had three days to find a venue and all the famous hotels we checked were fully booked, it was a real struggle to get somewhere nice! I would also like to make a small suggestion to check the dress code too as some places will be stricter than others.

Afternoon Tea at Hilton Park Lane
Let me share some of my experiences with you, starting with the Landmark Hotel, a breath-taking venue, historically a Victorian railway hotel was a very indulging experience, offering similar choices for the Afternoon tea menu. The deserts were not pastry based but more traditional e.g mousse, enjoyed with delicious Rose champagne. The point of difference at the Landmark was that the charming waiters came to refill your food whilst you are eating and I was so impressed with the sandwiches being so neatly placed on the serving tray being cut so straight forming a perfect square of several pieces that anyone would never think that they came from an actual loaf of bread!!

The Landmark Hotel
Confessions of a chocoholic afternoon tea @ Hilton Park Lane.
We were greeted with a lovely tea menu followed by sandwiches and then came the yummy part! It was during Halloween so there was a Halloween themed desert spread. The scones were chocolate chip served with a chocolate spread! For chocolate lovers like me it was a much loved experience! The deserts featured a giant chocolate slab, chocolate lollipops and also some white and milk chocolate cakes with pumpkins, witches and spiders for decorations!

Sweet Tooth At Hilton Park Lane
Whilst in Edinburgh last week I went to the Dome for Afternoon Tea! The venue is so gorgeous and there was a really strong Christmas theme from the décor to the food, to the smell of cinnamon all the way up to the Georgian Tea Room! It was snowing for a short while whilst we were inside, adding that extra bit of festive sparkle!

For all of the Afternoon Tea experiences that I have mentioned above, I have added the links so that you can check out the menus and venues if you want to go and experience them too! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

The Ritz Hotel London:
The Landmark Hotel London:
The Hilton @Park Lane London:
The Dome Edinburgh:

Afternoon Tea at the Egerton House Hotel

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