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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey squaddies! 
Every time I go back home to the UK alongside going for Afternoon Tea (see my post about afternoon tea here) I can’t wait to visit a vintage store on my travels. Even if my schedule is tight, I try to stop by some of my favourite stores! Ever since I had my first job in central London I was hooked. The office was based near Old Street station which led me to discover the wonderful vintage clothing and furniture boutiques in Shoreditch. London has a lot to offer so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some vintage clothing whilst visiting this past December. I didn’t manage to go to Shoreditch but during this trip I visited Beyond Retro and Peekaboo Vintage boutique in Topshop Oxford Circus. I also got a chance to return to one of my fave old haunts whilst in Edinburgh called Armstrongs.
Beyond Retro is really great for outfits, costumes and footwear with a large section for accessories. There are plenty of era’s to choose from! It's a must for anyone searching for a costume or wants an element of vintage pieces in their wardrobe like I do! My fave pieces from there include leather flat sandals which can be worn with anything and a floral 70's shirt which you'll definitely be rocking out this spring!
Topshop’s vintage section which features Peekaboo Vintage had moved places since I last visited the section in the Oxford street store. This is a good place to find a mixed array of evening gowns and cover ups with all kinds of glitz and glam! It is downstairs on the ground floor by the shoe boutique and dresses section. I trawled through some heavy racks to find myself a lovely purple vintage 40’s print Victorian looking dress.
I always get excited when I visit Edinburgh, I make it a point to visit Armstrongs and come out with a load of shopping bags whilst my partner waits and waits for me! They range from practically everything from sewing machines, hats, accessories, and handbags. This time around, as he least expected, he became very interested in some of the old accessories and novelty items they sold such as old smoking pipes, old telephones, hats and surplus items. Meanwhile I managed to snag a few lovely dresses, tops (including a white laced shirt), a printed 60’s blouse, a red long pleated skirt and some 80’s scarves to bring out my inner 80's child!
If you would like to visit any of the above shops whilst traveling in London or Edinburgh, check out the links below:
Peekaboo Vintage is based on Topshop Oxford Circus, you can also check out their blog here
Beyond Retro has two locations but I always go the the one in Soho:
Armstrong has three locations but I always go to the Grassmarket location:
Do you love vintage as much as we do? Share your comments below!

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