Apres Ski Squaddies?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey squaddies! 
For those of you who have been following our blog you may have noticed that the duo have not been together for a while. Tina has been in Kuwait and Pooja has been in Qatar. Finally they are reuniting and going on holiday to the Swiss Alps!

In the Middle East its not as easy to shop for a ski holiday so the duo have been ordering online from Amazon, ASOS and various other websites to make sure they had enough gear for their vacay.

How do you go on a winter holiday and still remain stylish? Well its not easy after packing so many practical items such as snow boots, jumpers, thermals (yuck) gloves, socks and waterproofs they barely had space to fit in few outfits in for 'blog looks'!

Tina and Pooja couldn't be more excited to be reunited, follow their adventures as they go from 28 degrees to -1 degrees. Below are a few of their essentials.
Follow the squad on Twitter and Snapchat for live updates during their adventures swapping the the sand for snow. See you in Switzerland!

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