Travel Diaries: Switzerland

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Hey squaddies! 
If you haven't already seen from our Instagram posts, we were recently in Switzerland on holiday and it was awesome! We arrived just in time for Easter and the name of our home for the week.. 'Chalet Egg' how appropriate right?! In order to get to the chalet, we had to drive through what felt like millions of hairpin turns. We both got car sick during the drive there but it was all worth it when we saw our view of the Swiss Alps! 
During our stay we drove over to the town of Verbier a few times as it was known for having more shopping, restaurants and nightlife. We visited the gorgeous La Galerie du Chocolat to have a hot chocolate and oogle at their fine collection of Easter eggs! One night we visited the W hotel to have cocktails and check the cool decor and the pop-up artwork featured around the bar.
Tina used to be an avid snowboarder in high school which was a long time ago so you imagine how much fun she had trying to board again after not going for over a decade. After a quick refresher course she was ready to take on the mountains and proud to announce she conquered a red run before we left, woohoo!
Pooja had tried skiing in Bulgaria in 2006 and had forgotten most of what she learned so it was time for a refresher course. She was really thrilled that there were beginners course sessions which were ideal for someone who needed to learn how to ski. As an alternative to skiing she went for a winter snow hike around Veysonnas which was around 3 hours for 6 kilometers wearing snow shoes and taking in the stunning alpine forest and scenic views from the top.
Goodbye Switzerland you've been good to us and we'll miss you and your cheese but we need a little break from fondue and raclette!

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  1. Beautiful pictures - those mountains are stunning! I'd love to visit Switzerland, looks like you had a great time. :)

  2. Thanks Bethany! You should definitely visit Switzerland someday, it was beautiful! :)