Unveiling Arabology

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hey squaddies!

After having read about the upcoming brand Arabology, I just had to checkout the collection. There is a truly refined formula to the brand's aesthetic which appeals to expats like myself, but also to the khaleeji woman who wants to dress fashionable yet remain gracefully covered.
Born in Italy and raised in Paris, Federica Visani is a womenswear designer based in Doha and Dubai who launched her collection after finding a gap in the Middle Eastern market for the type of minimalist aesthetic cleverly designed to feel lightweight on the body and look elegant, whilst remaining modest. It is certainly a top choice for myself and Tina who have often had issues with deciding what to wear in the Middle East (Reminder: here). As for the modern Arab woman it offers a different cut and silhouette on the style of Abaya or dresses they would normally wear.
"She has the royal Middle eastern flair,
the Parisian nonchalance,
the Italian overdressed glam,
she plays, she dresses, she changes, she dare.
She will blow your mind."
Arabology Studio
 Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on the collection below.

Thank you to Sofia Graniello Mendez for the photoshoot.

Thank you to House of Arabology.

For more information, check out the link to the brand's sites:

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