Summer holiday packing essentials: Eastern Europe

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Hey squaddies!

It's that time of the year when we are all due a summer holiday, because we all need some good old vitamin D in our lives!
I will be revealing the destination of my trip soon on our Snapchat (LesRebelleSquad) and Instagram accounts so watch out for those updates!
So how do I prepare for my two week vacation in eastern Europe besides taking a good camera, a notepad and magazines?  Let me start by saying that a few weeks in advance I will think about my workout routine to get my bikini body in shape. Then it is time to go and check my wardrobe for those summer dresses - whilst I'm packing I often end up day dreaming.... imagining myself wearing a pretty dress on a hot summers day with a scenic view and without a care in the world! My trip will begin in a vibrant cultural city for a couple of days, before moving onto the mountains for some spa time and then a weeks stay in a villa by the sea!
For my holiday I shall be taking a medium sized suitcase with my absolute essentials: 4 t-shirts / vests, a pair of jeans, 3 summer dresses, 3 skirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 bikinis, a summer hat, tote /beach bag, trainers, 2 pairs of sandals, flip flops, a denim jacket and shawl as it can get cooler at nights by the sea. In addition to this one or two evening outfits with just two pairs of (mid) heels - let's face it, after all that relaxing and lazing our feet want to relax too, you can easily get away with metallic flat sandals as an alternative. As for handbags, I'll take a medium sized day bag and one evening clutch for a night out which can match most looks! On holiday I like wearing bronze makeup and bright lipsticks to boost that holiday glow!
My beauty must haves are very simple when it comes to skincare and will be taking Vitamin E based SPF, coconut oil (dry oil), face mask and scrub to make sure my skin and hair are well looked after! I also cannot leave without my padlock, GHD's, hairdryer, a ziplock bag (for toiletries), a carrier bag (for that last wet swimsuit) and laundry bag. Time to dig out my most colorful jewelry, a nice fresh perfume and of course 2 pairs of sunglasses, Maybe 3!

Stay tuned to find out where I'll be going on our Snapchat and Instagram...chao for now!

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