Pooja's picks from Kenzo x H&M

Hey Squaddies, what did you get? That is the question I have been asked repeatedly since my successful trip to Villagio Mall in Doha to buy this year's loud and colourful H&M collaboration collection with Kenzo.
Once a year every savvy fashionista is lining up outside H&M's doors before they open to get their hands on this year's hottest collab (after a super successful H&M x Balmain shopping spree last year I told myself it would be the last time, getting up at 4:00am is not easy but I couldn't keep away!). This collection is not for the faint hearted - I had to bring out my inner tigress and natural attraction to bold colours to select my top picks.
The huge surprise was that in comparison to Balman last year where I was standing in line for four long hours to be included in the first lucky 20 people. We were each given a coloured wristband (to identify us as the first group with a whole 5 minutes to shop before the second group came in. The benefit of the coloured band was that we could actually walk around the mall freely until the collection launched knowing our positions in line would not be taken! This will upset any of my fellow Londoners considering that most shoppers there have to camp out overnight to get any shot at buying anything!
Honestly speaking there were some styles which looked better online than in person so I didn't get exactly what I had set out to. With that said you cannot fault the amazing quality of the sweatshirts and intricate tiger embellishments which really showcases Kenzo's unique quirky and original design aesthetic.
As an advocate for savvy shopping and and sales I was so pleased with my final selections. There are some pieces which didn't make it into the blog so stay tuned for more on our Instagram. Who knows what collaboration H&M will do next but for sure I'll be one of the crazy ones standing in the queue from early doors next year!


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