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Walk in Wardrobe Reveal

Hey squaddies, I have been working on my 'walk in wardrobe' over the past few months, lets just say that "it is an expensive hobby!" I know I have shared some sneak peaks on Instagram already in the lead up to my reveal and I am pretty excited to share the reveal with you now. 
Wardrobe confessions... When we moved into our new apartment we inherited a huge wardrobe, in the spare room, which takes up almost 30% of the space, including sliding mirrored doors. It has been a dream of mine to have a walk in wardrobe ever since I began blogging and needless to say I certainly have the clothes to fill it. Two years ago I moved to Doha with 11 SUITCASES, so you can imagine the struggles! 

Shelf life.. I started arranging my clothes, shoes and accessories by category. If I had too MUCH of a particular product type, I created a sub category. This provided me with a way to de-clutter whilst organizing. In short, I was feeling really proud of myself for clearing out two black …

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