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Mombasa Diaries: Discovering a hint of the Middle East in the South Coast of Kenya

Hey squaddies, so you may have seen my Instagram posts about my recent holiday in Kenya. I hope you enjoy this post in which I want to tell you the reasons I went there and the reasons why you need to go!
So, October was a time for me to reconnect with my roots. Many years ago my family migrated from India to Kenya. My grandparents still live there, in the seaport city of Mombasa. I used to travel a lot there as a child during summer holidays but I hadn't been back for almost 5 years. This year we were celebrating my grandfather's 80th birthday! It was a great time of the year for us to to go, the weather was perfect and the monsoon season was about to begin. My parents joined us from the UK while my sister and brother in law joined us after spending 7 days climbing mount Kenya (in case you're wondering, they made it to the top!).
For the first part of the trip we stayed in Mombasa Old Town, at a private members club called 'Mombasa Club'.  It was established in 1…

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