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A Jag Joy Ride: Why I Dressed up for my Jaguar

Hey squaddies, I want to talk to you about the latest trend: dressing for yourself. So before you think it's another FASHION topic exclusive to skinny and rich bitches, you may need to pay close attention. I want you to open up to this very REALIST conversation: feeling body confident. I am talking about dressing up to feel good no matter what your size, budget or lifestyle! When did you last do something truly for yourself?
Now it's time to shift gears and feel empowered by how confident you feel from your wardrobe. In short, I am dressing for my Jag because it makes me feel like I am worthy of having such a luxury ride (a car I once dreamed of having). Fashion trends were not on my mind, it was purely the joy and affection empowered by the look I created. I had tried on several outfits and this particular dress, fit me like a glove! This inspired by my own body confidence, paired up nicely to the sleekness of the Jag!
It goes without saying that if you catch me on a bad hai…

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