Handbag lovers rejoice!

Hey squaddies! 
Tina here 🙋 if you follow us on Snapchat (if you don't then why not? follow us 😁) a while back I posted a photoshoot that I did with a girlfriend Marie, who also happens to be the designer of this awesome handbag line that we posted on Instagram the other day: Marie de la Roche (check her out if you haven't already!) not just because she's our girl but she's a super talented designer with one of the most unique handbags that we have ever seen! Like seriously you can't even compare them to any other bags in the market since there isn't any romotely similar. 

You can see that Marie's Colombian roots and Asian upbringing is apparent through her unique design aesthetic. We admire how she splits her time between two studios - one in Jakarta and the other in Spain!

Here are a handful of shots that I helped her with, enjoy squaddies! 


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