Workwear Styling: Summer Stripes on Stripes!

Hey squaddies, sometimes I get asked STYLING questions such as 'what can I wear to work'?! Here is a quick workwear inspired look: stripes on stripes. You just need that STATEMENT stripe shirt - which I am sure some of you FASHIONISTAS already have. I will talk more about what inspired me to create this look and hope that you can use some of those TIPS to decipher the often asked question we all ask ourselves sometimes 'what can I wear to work'?!
You may remember my obsession with striped SHIRTING in Spring, this continues to be an ongoing TREND throughout summer, click here for a reminder of my previous blog post. If you haven't got anything in your wardrobe already it is a must to investing in a GOOD stripe shirt which will go with everything. Mine is so REASONABLY priced and from a website I recently discovered called Romwe, it incorporates three trends together: stripes, ruffles, motifs! I have added a link to the blouse here.
You do NOT have to spend a lot of money to be STYLISH, this skirt is from Warehouse which I got years ago - I am sure if you check your wardrobe you will find a PENCIL skirt which fits you very well, if not perhaps a pair of trousers could do the trick.  As my skirt is made higher at the WAIST I chose to tuck in the shirt to show off the most narrow part of my frame (the waist). I know you ladies might be thinking I might look slim - well it is because of this quick styling trick.
For my last tip, keep the clothes neutral and POP them with coloured shoes and handbag. Who says VELVET is only for winter....?
Hopefully from this blog post you feel inspired to:
  • CLASH - mix stripes with stripes.
  • Show off your WAISTLINE and curves by tucking in your shirt into a high waisted skirt.
  • FIND that perfect high waisted skirt - you might already have one lurking in the back of your wardrobe.
  • Wear COORDINATING handbag and shoes to POP that outfit. 
If you like this post then please feel free to try out some of my style tips and tag #LRSSQUADDIE on instagram for a shoutout. I look forward to seeing how you style your workwear and feel free to ask me any additional questions in the comment box below too.

This post was sponsored by Romwe but the styling and opinions are my own.


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