'Belles on the beach

Hey squaddies before our travels, Chiara, Sofia and I took a trip to the beach to explore the beautiful beachside in the north of Doha and it was exactly as you can imagine: La vie en rose! Combining the heads of two colour enthusiasts, Chiara and I resembled something out of the 60's with a our floaty fabrics taking over! Ruffles, frills, stripes and spots! Our outfits were oozing some serious Austin Powers style groovy vibes and we had a gluttonous, fashionsita feast of a picnic! We did it for the frills...scroll down and feast your eyes on our spread! Our picnic was full of strawberries, sweets, crisps, even the flamingoes can't handle the pink! Somebody stop us!
POOJA'S LOOK: Stripe a pose
Is that my dress or the table cloth?! I couldn't resist wearing BOLD deckchair stripes and whimsical frills which made sure that my squad would never lose me anywhere on the beach! No beach day would be complete without a tres chic french-made Celine straw hat, reining in some sophistication to my LOUD frollicing frock.
CHIARA'S LOOK: For the frill of it!
Chiara was oozing some serious french-girl 60's vibes in the ballerina style ensemble! With her bodysuit and TUTU doing all the talking, she looked like she was ready to dance into the waves! Her accessory choice complimented my seaside stripes! By adding a CUTE Marc Jacobs clutch, her style looks really covetable for the Summer holidays.

POOJA' OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress: Zara | Hat: Celine | Sunglasses: Le Specs
CHIARA'S OUTFIT DETAILS: Bodysuit: Zara| Clutch : Marc Jacobs  


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