Hey squaddies, its been a while since I've written a blog, almost two months....all the way back in 2017 😨. Here are some things which happened during that time and why I had to promise myself to REBOOT my blog in 2018, in a major way:
  • I had an accidental digital detox. It wasn't just my written blog.. I took a week's break from Instagram whilst moving home. I haven't looked at my facebook in forever, and every time I got notifications I got anxiety over it all. The longer I left it, more and more built up and the more I didn't want to check it because I didn't have the time to respond.  
  • The house move took up all my energy over the past couple of weeks so socializing was pushed back as I didn't physically have the energy or the time!
  • I wasn't feeling inspired, writing never came naturally to me and my outfit pictures didn't inspire me to share my story either as everything in my life was just very rushed.
  • I didn't love what I had posted in the past few weeks, it wasn't my best work.
It was time to GIRLBOSS my way back into the swing of things. I made some time to consciously NOT use my phone during day to day activities so that I could give myself enough time on and off social media. Here is what I learnt: 
  • Social media will still be there if you take a break, you will not lose everything if you drop the ball!
  • I enjoyed other people's content instead of focusing on my own, this made me feel inspired again.
  • I made some much-needed time to remind myself why I started the blog, what my message is and how I have evolved over the past two years. 
  • Self love! I decided it was time to feel good about myself, pamper myself and love myself first before I made time for everyone else.
So what can you expect from me? 
  • A new website launching soon to create a hub of all LRS socials.. its going to be fun!
  • More videos as I know you love them.
  • Creative shit... i'm feeling super inspired and you are all coming on a journey with me!
  • A REEBOOT, not just the same-same but time for a little bit different!


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