A Jag Joy Ride: Why I Dressed up for my Jaguar

Hey squaddies, I want to talk to you about the latest trend: dressing for yourself. So before you think it's another FASHION topic exclusive to skinny and rich bitches, you may need to pay close attention. I want you to open up to this very REALIST conversation: feeling body confident. I am talking about dressing up to feel good no matter what your size, budget or lifestyle! When did you last do something truly for yourself?

Now it's time to shift gears and feel empowered by how confident you feel from your wardrobe.
In short, I am dressing for my Jag because it makes me feel like I am worthy of having such a luxury ride (a car I once dreamed of having). Fashion trends were not on my mind, it was purely the joy and affection empowered by the look I created. I had tried on several outfits and this particular dress, fit me like a glove! This inspired by my own body confidence, paired up nicely to the sleekness of the Jag!

It goes without saying that if you catch me on a bad hair day or when I'm rushed off my feet, I won't feel as confident as I would on those days that I have put effort into my look. "To have style you have to know who you are" Iris Apfel. Quite obviously, this comes from your personal pleasure and joy in wearing an item of clothing in the first place. I challenge you to find what you love wearing! Have a favorite item of clothing in your wardrobe? Take it for a test drive!
Whether it is a brand new crisp white shirt, or it is that old jumper which reminds you of a special time when you first wore it. Make that connection with your clothing because how you FEEL when you wear something is the first and FOREMOST important emotional connection to how you dress.

I spoke to Sally Clark, a lifestyle blogger who switched from being behind the camera, to now being the subject who is now shot from all angles! Wellness coach Anahi Brown frequently discusses her body changes with her followers to share her journey and celebrate her body now more than ever before! Both of these women conveyed how good they felt about themselves when they made the conscious effort to focus on their style. They have inspired me to share how real women feel about the pure emotional connection that comes with dressing for themselves. I hope that by reading this article today you feel inspired to dress for yourself today, it will honestly be the best FASHION journey you ever embarked on.

DRESS Solace London // CLUTCH Andrew GN // SHOES No21 // GLASSES Anna Karin Karlson // EARRINGS Heidi Severino

In collaboration with Per Lei Couture 


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