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Down To Business: Style Tips to Try Out Fall's Hottest New Trend

Hey squaddies, SUIT UP! Summer is almost over and we all have that 'back to school' feeling which means it is time to transist into the new season! Let me kick off the season by talking about Fall /Winter's coolest trend: Mixing the old with the new, referred to by Elle magazine as the 'The Chronological Mash-Up' . Think 1950's, 1970's, or even the naughties statement pieces being worn with a 2019 aesthetic. The idea is to wear old/vintage style clothes with XL proportions, statement accessories and a 'more is more' approach. Here are my top style tips to try out this hot new trend right now: Try mixing a bit of old with the new , for example, the jacket style that I am wearing is from the 80's era worn with a bright monotone POP of red. Don't look back at the vintage clothing without looking at the influence of the style icons during that era. One of my favorite style icons include Audrey Hepburn from the 1950's. Remember the y

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